The Faroe Islands

In green, the places we visited and in red the one we didn't have time to visit.

In green, the places we visited and in red the one we didn't have time to visit.

Day 1 - 15th of January

After a day of travelling, we landed on the Faroe Islands and on our first day our plan was to go to Klaksvik. We had an amazing helicopter roundflight from Klaksivk to Kirjka, seeing those Islands from above is a must! After our flight we went to Saksun, an amazing place and the road to go there is really photogenic. Once there the weather changed quickly and it went from sun to snowstorm in a few minutes. Fortunately, it only lasted for about 10 minutes and then the sky was clear again. For the sunset we wanted to go to Sornfelli but because of the snow and our car we almost got stuck and we missed the sunset.

Day 2 - 16th of January

On the second day we went to the most famous place of the Island: Lake Sørvágsvatn, also called the Lake over the Sea. To reach the photo-spot on the cliffs you have to hike 40 minutes but it's totally worth it. Standing on thoses huge cliffs to get the shots is impressive. After hiking back to the car we went to the Gasadalur waterfall, but the light was too bright so we didn't a good shot of it. We decided to go back to the hotel, to rest a bit and then find a spot for the sunset. We looked on the map and thought that maybe from Velbastaður we will have some great conditions, and we were right. Finally once it was dark enough we went to the road leading to Norðradalur which has some really sexy curves. It was a long day but we had a lot of fun.

Day 3 - 17th of January

For this third day on the Island we had an idea about where to go but we didn't know exactly at which spots we would stop. But before going out of the hotel we could enjoy watching the sunrise directly from our rooms. After driving for a while Tobias found a place he wanted to go near Funningur and we just had to hike 15 minutes. The view we had from that point was amazing. We drove back towards Torshavn, made a quick stop at Eiði and for the sunset we went again to the road near Norðradalur, and I think it's one of the best sunset I've ever seen.

Day 4 - 18th of January

On our last day, we only had time to take pictures during the morning since our flight was at 2:45 pm so we decided to go back to the waterfall but we came too late so the light was bad again and we ended waiting for 3 hours at the airport. The flight to Copenhagen was pretty because we had a view of the sunset. We landed in Switzerland around 10:00 pm and when I finally could sleep at 1:00 am I was really happy!

Finally, I would like to thanks the following brands for their support:

- Visit Faroe Islands

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