Graphism: studio Vincent de Preux ©

Graphism: studio Vincent de Preux ©

Out There

In November 2017 I organized my first exhibition. It took place over 4 days in a old industrial building in Sierre (VS, Switzerland). The goal of the exhibition was to discover another aspect of photography. Indeed, the online world, accessible through social media, somehow does not give fully justice to the pictures. To see the pictures on fine art prints gives a totally new perception to one's own work. The exhibition was also an interesting experience since I was able to meet new people.

Special thanks to the following people for their support in order to make the exhibition happen:

  • Vincent de Preux (graphism, scenography)
  • Matthias Locher from Canon 
  • Mike Gaier (Halles USEGO)
  • Friends and family


In total, I have chosen to exhibit 29 prints taken over a timespan of 2 years. These pictures were all some of my favorites and had a special meaning for me. While some of the prints were already sold during the exhibition, it is still possible to acquire the unsold prints. There is however also the option to reprint a specific picture, since every picture is done in a limited edition out of 20.